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Empowering Your Yoga Vision

Welcome to Jen Anthony Coaching, where holistic business coaching takes your yoga entrepreneurial journey center stage. I understand the unique path you’re walking—the dreams, the challenges, and the deep desire to make a meaningful impact and create a thriving business that not only feels good but amazing, where you show up in your full power without holding back. Here, it’s not just about coaching; it’s about a personal connection, a shared vision for your success.

In this sacred space, I see you, not just as a client, but as a fellow visionary on a transformative quest. Your journey matters, and so do your aspirations. At Jen Anthony Coaching, I go beyond business strategies; I delve into the soul of your being as well as your yoga vision. Together, let’s navigate the intricacies of aligning your business with your values, unlocking profound clarity, and achieving those breakthrough moments that redefine success.

You’re not alone; you’ve found a partner committed to nurturing your yoga business. Join me in this empowering sanctuary, where we craft a success story that resonates with your authenticity and the heart you bring to the world.

Your vision, your journey—it’s time to empower them both.

Yoga Business Coach

Get To Know Me

Hi, I am Jen

I’m a yoga teacher and business coach and mentor helping you step into your power and help you bring the vision of the great yoga business you’re dreaming of come to life.

Through a combination of business strategy, mindset and deep inner work I am able to help my clients create transformative breakthroughs.

Clients often tell me that the way I am able to hold space for them is unbelievable and let’s them open up in unexpected ways. This means that together we are able to build the business AND life of your dreams. 

Pretty magical, right?

I truly love helping yoga teachers and businesses step into their power and build a thriving business with ease. Running your own yoga business doesn’t mean you have to hustle. There’s a more aligned way of doing business!

I’m a HD Projector, so know all about working in ways that support you in growing your business that feels strategic and aligned!

The Thriving Yoga Teacher Podcast 

Embark on a journey of empowerment with the Thriving Yoga Teacher Podcast. This podcast is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your yoga business and personal growth. Join host Jen as she shares actionable strategies, inspiring insights, and expert interviews to help you thrive as a yoga teacher.

From marketing tactics to mindset shifts, each episode is crafted to elevate every aspect of your yoga business. Tune in weekly to gain valuable insights and inspiration from fellow yoga entrepreneurs who have successfully built thriving businesses.

Don’t miss out on this transformative journey. Subscribe now to the Thriving Yoga Teacher Podcast and take the first step towards holistic success in your yoga entrepreneurship. Your transformative journey starts here.

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I’m excited to connect with you and learn more about your business and how I can support you step into your power and help you create an aligned business.