In this episode of The Thriving Yoga Teacher podcast, I delve into a transformative approach to marketing for yoga teachers, focusing on simplicity and effectiveness. As yoga teachers, it’s common to feel the pressure to be present on every platform imaginable, from social media to blogs and podcasts. However, this approach often leads to burnout and dilution of efforts rather than genuine growth.

Key Learnings:

  • Simplify to Amplify: The importance of focusing attention on key marketing channels rather than spreading efforts thin across multiple platforms.
  • Framework Creation: I share my personal journey of feeling overwhelmed by the need to be everywhere online and how this led to the creation of the Simple Flow Content Marketing Framework.
  • Stepping Stones Approach: The framework is designed to be implemented gradually, allowing yoga teachers to focus on one step at a time and tailor it to their unique preferences and business goals.
  • Flexibility and Opportunity: Implementing this framework doesn’t restrict other marketing efforts but rather provides clarity and reduces overwhelm. It allows for flexibility to assess opportunities as they arise and determine if they align with your current strategy and capacity.
  • Practical Application: By focusing efforts on specific channels, yoga teachers can streamline content creation and maximize impact.
  • Increased Creativity: Letting go of the pressure to be everywhere fosters creativity and abundance of ideas, ultimately leading to more impactful content creation.


By adopting the Simple Flow Content Marketing Framework, yoga teachers can reclaim their creative energy, reduce overwhelm, and build a thriving yoga business with intention and focus. Remember, it’s not about doing more, but doing what truly matters with purpose and passion.

Let’s dive in!

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