Creating a Work-Life Blend During Major Life Changes

Balancing a full-time parenting role with managing a business isn’t for the faint of heart, especially amidst a big move.  In this episode, I share my tips and strategies for reducing stress by adjusting daily routines and maintaining consistency with work tasks. Discover how to create a work-life blend that suits your personal life, and […]

Balancing the Mat and Money: Essential Strategies for a Prosperous Yoga Career

The journey from being a yoga enthusiast to a professional instructor is both exhilarating and challenging. For many, the path to becoming a yoga teacher is driven by passion, but the financial realities of making a living can be daunting. The leap from training to establishing a yoga business is a transition that requires not […]

Transformative Strategies for Conquering Self-Doubt

In my latest podcast episode, I delve deep into the caverns of the entrepreneurial mind, where self-limiting beliefs often lurk, hindering growth and success. It’s a common tale—entrepreneurs whispering cautionary tales to themselves, stories that persuade them to avoid risks and shy away from golden opportunities. But what if we could rewrite these narratives and […]

Manifesting Your Dreams: A Practical Guide

After realising the other day that I’ve manifested half of the things that are on my vision board for this year, I dove deeper into why this happened as I’ve never been able to manifest like this before. Join me today for a fun conversation about manifesting and my journey of manifesting. I will also […]

The Subtle Art of Hands-Off Yoga Teaching

Yoga, a practice steeped in the tradition of not just physical wellness but also emotional and spiritual balance, has seen a shift in how instructors approach their classes. With the rise of personal space awareness, the concept of physical adjustments in yoga has come under scrutiny. Some practitioners find such adjustments intrusive and at times, […]

Yoga and Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Joyful Discovery

Navigating the delicate intersection of passion and profession, the latest podcast episode delves into the world of yoga entrepreneurship, underscoring the joy and personal fulfillment that can be found in such a journey. I reflect on a significant birthday that prompted a cascade of insights, leading to the decision to start teaching yoga again, in […]

From Corporate Career to Full-Time Yoga Teacher: How to Thrive on Your Terms

Embarking on the path of yoga entrepreneurship is more than just a career shift; it’s a lifestyle transformation that invites a harmonious blend of passion and prosperity. My latest podcast episode delves deep into this transformative journey, offering a comprehensive blueprint for yoga professionals seeking to align their practice with their life’s purpose. Transitioning from […]

Harmonizing Business with Natural Rhythms: Cycle Awareness for Female Entrepreneurial Success

Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape can be a complex journey, particularly for female entrepreneurs who face unique challenges related to their health and well-being. A critical factor often overlooked in the business world is the impact of natural body cycles on productivity, mental health, and overall success. The latest podcast episode sheds light on this important […]