HEART Coaching

Hi lovely,

I see you, trying to build the business of your dreams where you have the financial freedom and time freedom to support your family.

I see you struggling with the rules and strategies of business, nothing really clicking. 

I see you, because I’ve been there!

I’ve worked with business coaches to grow my yoga business but nothing seemed to work, something always felt off. I’ve never managed to get the strategies ‘right’, always did what I was supposed to but something was missing.

My HEART was missing!

Which is why I created this 1:1 container to help you create a business that is in flow, where you don’t need to follow the traditional rules and strategies to create success. 

You want to operate from a place of softness, of abundance rather than from a scarcity and problem point of view.

If you want to step up, raise your energy and soften into your business, apply below now!