1:1 Heart Mentorship - Lead your business (and life) with HEART

Hi, I’m Jen! 

I’m a yoga teacher and certified business coach and mentor. 

In 2022 I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave from a corporate job where I felt stuck and underappreciated. All I wanted was to help women create the freedom and lifestyle they’ve been dreaming and help them live as their truest selves – from the heart.

For too long I myself tried to stick to the strategies, processes and rules that everyone is following and making lots of money and impact with. None of these ever really worked for me. I got some results, but then it died off.

It was only after doing some deep inner work and meeting a lot of my own demons that I realised that the reason for my lack of result was not the strategies itself it was that I applied them to the T, regardless of how they felt to me – I ignored my heart.

Doing business with heart is all about creating ease and flow with strategies (or part strategies) that feel good in the heart and deep in the core. It’s about embodiment, energy, mindset, becoming the leader we want to be and create a life and business full of abundance and freedom.

If you want to lead with heart where you show up as your true self, in your own power and grow with ease, then you are in the right place. NOW is YOUR time. 

Yoga Business Coach
I am so pleased that I took the leap to work with Jen! I was literally just setting up my Yoga business and was just about to qualify to teach. I had a hundred different ideas and no direction, I didn't know what to do first! Jen really helped me to focus on what I actually needed and wanted, then more importantly WHY! She understood that I need my business to support me and my young family, to create time and money for me to do what is important to me. Jen has a wealth of knowledge which I am taking full advantage of! I really enjoyed the mindset work, which I didn’t even know I needed - lots of self limiting beliefs were eliminated! I highly recommend working with Jen, she helps your business build up around you, rather than you fitting around your business!

‘I got more out of this 60 minutes than with the business coaches in my nutrition certification’

I specialise in working with yoga teachers and businesses who want to lead an authentic business where they can show up in their full power and lead with heart. 

Together we look at the big vision to then put steps into place to make that vision a reality in an aligned way. My clients take aligned actions towards that vision. 

We dive deep into what’s truly in your heart and build a business from that, without the hustle, overwhelm and negative energy. 

If you are ready to step into your full power and lead with heart, building a business that supports your life and visa versa, you are in the right place!

Let’s go and make your dreams a reality. You can achieve anything with the right mindset and support.

As Featured In

''Jen is an incredible listener and helped create a structured plan for my offer. When my idea didn't quite seem to fit, she gave excellent advice! I have so much more clarity and confidence for my business now. Her follow up email was especially appreciated showcasing her care and attention to detail. Anyone needing a knowledgeable, supportive business coach, I highly recommend working with her!''

Does this sound like you?

✨ You want to operate your business from a heart centred place, stepping into your full power 

✨ You want to take the stress out of your business and spend more time doing what you love

✨ You are feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do to create the sustainable and regular income and impact you desire in a way that feels aligned to you

✨ You crave for the support, accountability and insight you get in 1:1 high touch coaching

✨ You are ready to step into your CEO energy to build a profitable and thriving yoga business

✨ You are ready to not only create a thriving business but also a thriving life where you can’t wait to get up in the mornings

✨ You are ready to be courageous and lead with heart

I gained enormous confidence working with Jen. I overcame my biggest fears of showing up and being visible with my work. It empowered me on a deep level that she believed in me, which supported me in believing in myself again and my potential.
Female Entrepreneur
Fabienne Ly
Life Coach & Akasha Medium

Inside this Container you will get

✨ Bi-weekly 60-minute Zoom sessions

✨ Recordings of our sessions for you to look back at whenever you want to

✨ Feedback and Support via Voxer/Telegram between sessions

✨ VIP Podcast access with trainings and bonuses

✨ VIP Community with likeminded entrepreneurs, where you get access to additional trainings, musings, get to ask questions and so much more

Jen helped me with some sticking points in my business and was able to let me positively reflect on ever changing parts of my business. Jen was a fab listener and let me see the bigger picture of my business, allowing me to make more informed decisions. She was also able to provide valuable feedback and constructive criticism when necessary, which helped me to improve my business processes and strategies. Overall, Jen's support and guidance were instrumental in helping me overcome challenges and achieve my goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and supportive sounding board for their business.
Karen Gibb
Founder & Director Mind Marvels

6-months HEART Mentoring

£ 5555
  • 6 months of transformative heart coaching for a fulfilled business and life

12-months HEART Mentoring

£ 8888
  • 12 months of transformative heart coaching for a fulfilled business and life

Client Results

🔥 F who went from hiding away, disliking showing up on social media to enjoying creating posts and started a new social account where she shows up confidently on a regular basis.

🔥 J who went from manually booking clients in over the space of 48 hours and manually taking payment to streamlining the process and now getting paid in her sleep.

🔥 K who went from overwhelmed and not knowing what to do to absolute clarity on what to focus on and what steps to take to sell her offer.

🔥 J who gained clarity on how to attract leads and new clients into her business and is now thriving in her business with having a waitlist.

🔥 J who sold out her yoga classes for the following 3 months in only 48 hours and has a waitlist of people wanting to join.

Jen had really helpful insights for how to attract leads to my business. I gained clarity with ways to attract clients & she helped me organize my system for the user experience. Worth it!
Jessica Monroig