Welcome to Re-align 1:1 VIP!

Create an offer suite that is scalable and profitable in just 30 days! 

You finished your YTT, started to teach some local classes, added workshops, day retreats and then also started to teach online. 

Now you are feeling completely overwhelmed with what you have to do to just keep going and second guessing yourself with what you need to do to create the profitable yoga business that you’ve always dreamt of.

This is why you need Re-Align! In just 30 days together we will create you an offer suite that is not only scalable and profitable but that is also feeling good to your nervous system!

You don’t need to offer all the things to run a scalable and profitable yoga business that is in alignment with who you truly are. 

In just 30 days you can go from second guessing yourself to having an offer suite that works for you and is actually profitable!

Does this sound like you?

you feel overwhelmed and lost in your business right now

✨ you are second guessing yourself

✨ you are offering all the things but you are still struggling to make ends meet

you want a business that is scalable, profitable and feels good to your nervous system

you want to lead your business with more heart

you are ready to leave the hustle culture behind

✨ you are ready to only put out offers that feel good to you

If this is you, let’s create an offer suite for you that is scalable, profitable and feels good. 30 days is all it takes!


Inside Re-align you will get: 

✨ 4x weekly 60-minute 1:1 Zoom Sessions (worth £500)

Recordings of our sessions for you to look back at (priceless)

Feedback and Support via Telegram between sessions – you are fully supported within this container (worth £399)

✨ 2 weeks of additional 1:1 Telegram access to support you with anything that comes up after our 30 days together (worth £199)

Access to the VIP Community with likeminded entrepreneurs, where you get access to additional trainings, musings, get to ask questions and so much more. (priceless)


30-Day Program
£ 444
  • 4x 60-min 1:1 Zoom calls
  • Support & Feedback via Telegram