Navigating the delicate intersection of passion and profession, the latest podcast episode delves into the world of yoga entrepreneurship, underscoring the joy and personal fulfillment that can be found in such a journey. I reflect on a significant birthday that prompted a cascade of insights, leading to the decision to start teaching yoga again, in person and online. The anticipation of teaching yoga again, coupled with the thrill of moving to Telford and integrating into a new community, serves as the backdrop for this discussion.

The art of crafting a yoga business that resonates with one’s inner compass is a mainstay of the episode, emphasizing the significance of happiness and mental well-being as the foundation of any vocation. I candidly share my own experiences, balancing the roles of yoga instructor and parent, highlighting that the two need not be mutually exclusive. The importance of boundaries, adaptability, and designing a business framework that enriches rather than depletes one’s life is stressed, leading to a broader conversation about the essence of success. It’s not the volume of classes or clients that defines success, but rather the depth of connections and personal satisfaction derived from one’s work.

Listeners are invited on a journey of introspection and strategic planning, where I share my thoughts on creating a fulfilling yoga business tailored to unique lifestyles. The chapter emphasizes the importance of identifying what genuinely resonates with oneself, whether it be face-to-face classes, online sessions, workshops, or a combination of offerings. It is crucial that work aligns with happiness and does not lead to burnout. By sharing personal experiences, I illustrate the necessity of flexibility in scheduling to ensure the best service to clients and personal fulfilment.

In terms of practical advice, I encourage yoga teachers to ask themselves pivotal questions: Where do they want to teach? What do they want to teach? From one-on-one sessions to monthly workshops or special events, the possibilities are endless, but they must support the teacher’s personal circumstances and mental well-being. I also reflect on my decision to offer a single face-to-face class and the pull toward online teaching, exploring the various options available. The conversation also touches on the importance of setting clear boundaries for one-to-one sessions and other professional commitments.

Overall, the episode paints a vivid picture of the joy and discovery inherent in the journey of a yoga entrepreneur. It is a heartfelt call to action for listeners to craft a business and a life that not only coexist but flourish together, embracing the unexpected and finding contentment in their professional endeavours. The episode is a testament to the power of aligning one’s work with their deepest joys and the fulfilment that comes from building a business that truly reflects one’s values and desires.

If you need support with building a profitable yoga business that feels good to the soul, DM me on Instagram and let’s have a chat!

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